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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Thank you for visiting Catalina Ventura’s website.  I’m proud to have the opportunity to serve as the Interim Principal of Catalina Ventura School.  This will be my fourth year as an administrator here at Catalina Ventura and as you all know, I truly love our school.  

‚ÄčOur school mission has and will continue to be a home away from home, that provides students with skills to seek higher-level knowledge, build lasting relationships, and achieve academic excellence. 
As the interim principal, I will continue the tradition of excellence, Character Counts, and high expectations for student achievement.  We believe in achieving success through collaboration, reaching the child through meaningful learning experiences, and educating the whole child.

Beginning this school year, the Alhambra Elementary School District has implemented the Responsible Thinking Program (RTP).  RTP is a new approach to classroom discipline and management of individual student behavior.  This new approach requires students to consider their actions in relation to the rules and consider the next steps, which depend on their choices.  Ultimately, students take complete responsibility for their actions – good or bad.  Teachers are pleased with students’ responses to their newfound responsibility and the improved behavior throughout the campus.  We encourage you to talk with your child about this program to get his or her first-hand account of the change to our approach to classroom discipline and student behavior.

I look forward to working with you to better serve our school and community. 


Alfonso Landey
Interim Principal