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Catalina has an excellent cafeteria, and students are encouraged to participate in our program.  All school meals include a choice of white or chocolate milk.


Alhambra District Child Nutrition Department

The Child Nutrition breakfast and lunch programs receive federal reimbursement to assist families and students.  We wholeheartedly support the U.S.D.A. School Meal Initiative underscoring our national health responsibilities to assist in preventing America's high rates of heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer through good nutrition.


Students are required to learn a code that is assigned only to that student.  Student numbers are required for all students eating a school meal, whether it is paid, reduced, or free.  Please help your child memorize this number and ensure they do not share it with other students.  If a student leaves the district and has unused money on their accounts, refunds can be made through the cafeteria manager.


Reminders to Parents :

  1. Meal account deposits can be made by a student or parent each morning between 7:00 and 7:25 a.m.
  2. When a student's meal account has only two meals remaining, the student will be reminded by the cafeteria clerk.
  3. A student must have money in his/her account or lunch money for the day in order to receive a hot lunch. Charges for meals are not allowed. 
  4. Students with a "zero" account balance and no lunch money for the day will be given an alternate meal of a peanut butter sandwich, cheese wedge, carrot and celery sticks, an apple, and milk. There is a normal lunch charge for this type of meal.
  5. Students are to safeguard their meal number. As per federal regulations, individual meal numbers are not to be used by any other student.
  6. During student meal service, no outside food service (i.e. McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc.) is allowed in the cafeteria. Sack lunches are permitted, but homemade food may only be consumed by the child bringing such food.  Due to County and State health requirements, homemade baked goods cannot be brought to school and distributed to other students.
  7. Milk can be purchased for $.25 or $1.25 for a 5-day ticket. Soda pop or other carbonated beverages are not allowed with either school meals or sack lunches.
  8. All students attending field trips will be provided school sack lunches.


Behavior in the Cafeteria

All school rules will apply when students are in the cafeteria or are traveling between classrooms and the cafeteria.  Misbehaving students may also be assigned lunch detention and/or may be kept inside during their assigned recess time to assist in cleaning the cafeteria.

  1. All food and drink are to be consumed only in the cafeteria.
  2. Students are to file into the seats as directed by the teacher without waiting for friends.
  3. Students are to use "inside" voices, speaking to their immediate neighbors only. Standing or shouting is not permitted.
  4. Students are to use proper table manners at all times.
  5. Students are not to leave their seat for any reason before raising their hand and obtaining permission.
  6. Once dismissed from the cafeteria, students are to stay out of unauthorized areas and on specified walkways without cutting through classroom areas. They are to walk directly to the playground, and remain there until the duty teachers signal that it is time to go inside.
  7. While on the playground, students are to stay in designated areas, without leaving the playground or going into other areas without teacher permission.
  8. When returning to class, students are to do so quickly, quietly, and orderly, entering campus through the center or east gates on the north side of the playground.